Scout Resources

Use this list to make sure you have everything you need for a great time at camp. Make one check mark when you have it – and one check mark when you pack it. All items should be marked with name.

__ __ Pack or Sport bag
__ __ Sleeping bag
__ __ Foam pad or air mattress
__ __ Pillow
__ __ Scout Handbook
__ __ Flash light & extra batteries
__ __ Mess kits containing (Ten Chiefs & Voyageur)

Plate, bowl & cup.

Knife, fork & spoon __ __

Toiletry kit containing: Tooth brush, tooth paste, comb,
soap in a box, wash cloth, hand towel, metal mirror (can all be put in ziplock bag)

__ __ Sun screen
__ __ Plastic ground cloth for floor, or under, tent __ __ Mosquito repellent (non-aerosol)
__ __ Pens and pencils
__ __ Notebook
__ __ Pocket knife and sharpening stone
__ __ Water bottle
__ __ Camera & film or single use camera
__ __ Mosquito netting
__ __ Campfire musical instruments
__ __ Postage stamps for postcards
__ __ Prescription medicine (must be in original

container and given to adult leader) __ __

Big-tired bicycle if desired

Bike helmet required!

Do Not Bring

Electronic games
Music players
Fireworks of any kind
Sheath knives
Shooting sports equipment or ammo


Food is not allowed in tents Flames are not allowed in tents

Poncho or raincoat with hood Swim suit
Scout uniform

Travel to and from camp in Scout uniform. Wear to campfires and vespers

Changes of underwear (6) Changes of socks (6) Pants (2)
Shorts (2)

T-shirts (4)
Sweat shirt, fleece or sweater (2) Long sleeve button shirt if taking

Swimming merit badge Light jacket
Extra footwear in case muddy or shoes get wet
Bag for dirty clothes

Sun glasses
Wallet with money for travel meals, merit badge supplies and souvenirs (Check with leader for safe place) Day pack for carrying supplies Other items suggested by leaders