About Troop 738

We love our Boy Scouts because they actively participate in all District Events

Troop 738 has a history of being at every Mustang District Event, and sometimes leading the events too. Our boys are winners! They have the motivation, skills, and leadership to bring to every event, whether it be the Fall Camporee, the Klondike Derby, Webelos Experience, or the OA Conclave.

With a troop of motivated young Boy Scouts, they sell popcorn, wreaths, nuts/chocolates and discount coupon cards that help fund camping and other various activities and projects.  The troop participates in at least one outing each month all year long.

Join a team of winners! You’ll be glad you did as you have fun, learn, and increase your confidence and self-esteem all in a caring and supportive program.


Troop 738 was established in 2007, and since then, our troop practices and procedures have stood for who we are and what we believe. Our Vision Statement is simply this…

  • A troop that recognizes that young men come first.

  • A troop where scouts are given the opportunity to learn to lead and grow.

  • A troop where the chartered organization approves the leadership, and reaches out to 100% of the community. 

  • A troop that accepts boys of diverse cultures, and faiths, and levels of ability

  • A troop where mistakes are opportunities to learn.

  • A troop where the trail and lessons learned is more important than rank advancement or merit badges.

  • A troop where perfection is the goal toward which we strive, but not the standard against which we measure success.

  • A troop where lots of recognition is given to young men and volunteers for their accomplishments and for their efforts.

  • A troop where volunteers are welcome and encouraged, receive support, training, and have fun in accomplishing their tasks.

  • A troop where meetings and training sessions are fun and exciting.

  • A troop that reaches out to the community and makes alliances with other troops to allow our scouts to experience all levels of scouting.